Meet and Go





Got a story? Everyone does. Here’s ours.

What began as a one-woman Tour Director and Guide Service delivered by MEET AND GO's founder, Ursula Wienecke, has grown into having a multi-cultural staff on standby for guests, and millions of miles logged.


Ursula’s personal credo on service is still at the heart of MEET AND GO today. Her staff, like Ursula herself, is committed to preserving the smile on travellers’ faces from the moments of experience well into cherished memory. Her incredible personal and professional field experiences help Ursula ensure that MEET AND GO takes away the tension and troubles, especially of confusing technology and the frustrations of automation, and makes each journey a pleasure.

Your travel experience is the focus of our Vancouver based meet and greet service precisely because we understand, first hand, the pleasures and the occasional problems of travel. 

We believe in the value of a warm welcome and trusted, friendly suggestions. All MEET AND GO associates believe in keeping the human touch in travel. We feel you’ll appreciate the comfort and confidence in having a local person meet you with information and support, after any length of journey to a new place. Why? It’s likely we love travel as much as you do!


All team members guide each guest with years of hands-on experience in the travel and hospitality industry. We’re all:

  • Travellers at heart, whether it’s exotic adventure or casual leisure times.
  • Extensively trained in numerous sectors of the hospitality industry.
  • Consistently excel at meeting the challenges, ensuring the comfort, and planning for the confidence of both solo and group travelers as well as conference and commercial trade delegates.
  • Have local and international connections through affiliates in most industry sectors.
  • Familiar with airport, cruise terminal and other venues.
  • Cross-culturally aware to make travel a pleasure for all to enjoy.

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