Meet and Go


How do we do what we do so well for you?

Like you, we travel too! We know the secure and friendly feeling of being met on arrival, or sent off at departure time. Our mission is to enhance your own trip experience with MEET AND GO's capable and caring attention.

Your MEET AND GO greeter is an industry professional with years of experience. They are actively committed and on stand by, at your service, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year, whether you are a solo traveller, in a small or super size group, or a regional or international traveller.

MEET AND GO's destination and arrival experts are dedicated professionals providing top notch services that eliminate the hassle and increase the memorable pleasures.

We will:

  • Meet you.
  • Send you off.
  • Manage travel changes.
  • Assist you with local information.
  • Prepare you on departure for customs.
  • Guide you on arrival from gate to transport or accommodation.

Your every in-transit encounter with MEET AND GO is designed to meet your individual and personal needs. Common to our entire team is the desire to make your arrival moments a great first impression of Vancouver, every time.

Hello! Bienvenue! 你好 नमस्ते Guten Tag! Mabuhay! Hola! Konnichiwa!

Welcome to Vancouver's premier meet and greet service, MEET AND GO. Be assured that MEET AND GO is the service that provides reliable travel solutions to make your Vancouver leg of business and leisure easier. MEET AND GO personnel will greet you when you arrive in Vancouver and ensure that you have a great guest experience as you get ready to go around Vancouver and then depart with great memories.

Welcome to Vancouver's premier meet and greet service, MEET AND GO.

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