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Ready to enroll in the course?

Q: Why should I sign up for your course(s)?

A: After you have done your research you will notice that most of the travel and tourism training schools programs are many months long and cost thousands of dollars.

We provide professional accelerated career training to get you job ready as soon as possible.  Frequently information taught in institutions goes into great detail and depth, and can be obsolete by the time the students enter the job market. Also your entry into the travel and tourism industry is exactly that….an entry level position. Why risk thousands of dollars with no job guarantee?


A   Class size is limited so the sooner you make a commitment you will be guaranteed a space in class.

Q  How soon should I make my reservations for the course?

A  We do not have the huge overhead expenses, and we do not have employees that handle student loans or recruitment or all the other jobs required with a large school.

We provide you with the information needed to get into the tourism job market with a guaranteed job interview within a month. We think this is the most efficient approach.

Q:  Your courses are so cheap compared to the other travel and tourism training, why?

A  If you pay by cash there will be a $50.00 discount.  We also accept visa and MasterCard.

Q How many people are in the course?

A  That will actually depend on the course.  For some one day programs the numbers may be larger.  We will limit the size to 20 learners at any one time to ensure lots of participation, interaction and time for questions.

A  If for some unforeseen circumstances beyond our control the one course is cancelled you will receive a full refund or can be transferred to another class.

Q  What kind of payment do you accept?

Q  What happens if you cancel the course?

A Yes.  As long as you have legal works permits to work in Canada, or are a permanent resident.

Q  Do you have an educational prerequisite in order to sign up for the course?

A  No, as long as you can read and write in English and understand the material you should be good to go.

Q  I am not a Canadian citizen, can I still participate?

A  No, employers value the wisdom and the work and life experiences you bring to the job.

Q  I am retired am I too old for this program?

Q If I have mobility issues, will I be permitted into the course?

The facility where our courses are conducted will have elevators and be set up to handle wheelchairs.  As you know by law employers are not permitted to discriminate.

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