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Here are 10 good reasons:


We will deliver 40 hours of instruction that is relevant, training to guarantee you an interview at Canada Place for jobs assisting cruise passengers.


We will develop your knowledge, attitudes, and skills required to effectively obtain employment.


We have highly trained and motivated educators who are today employed in the tourism industry and deliver real world education.


We will assist to identify and overcome barriers to the transfer of learning.


We will continuously assess learners, provide feedback and constructive critique.


We are passionate about excellent customer service the key to your success in front line tourism jobs and have priced the course to be affordable and time effective.


We will allow you to return to the course for a second time if the circumstances require, at no additional cost.


We will make learning FUN with the use of visual aids, recording presentations, exercises and games., interesting lesson plans, objectives, and produce useful learning outcomes.


We promise to be respectful, assist when and wherever possible to encourage learners of all ages, ethnicity, and physical capabilities and will not discriminate.


We are passionate about the tourism industry, have enjoyed traveling the world and want to share our experiences in an honest manner where you are encouraged to ask lots of questions.

Here are 10 important statements we believe in:


We believe in lifelong learning and education that responds to the rapidly growing globalization and demand of higher education.  We are the experts in our tourism training course and we promise to deliver relevant education.


We tailor our training to the demands of the employer, not just theoretical ideas, but real life situations to a targeted group of prospective interested students seeking employment.


We are excited to share our experiences in an honest manner.


We believe the costs of the courses are reasonable and affordable to everyone. A great value for your investment of time and money.


We will constantly add new features and make the course improvements.


We deliver great results for your investment.  We believe everyone should get a second chance so will offer the course a second time free of charge if you don’t succeed the first time.


We set high standards of professionalism and will live by them.


We ensure our programs have an easy enrollment procedure and not a lot of red tape.


We value our reputation and have strong relations within the tourism community.


We promise to provide you with the skills needed to conduct an effective interview, provide you with industry contacts and introduce you to networking organizations.





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